Crystal MacRitchie
Licensed Clinical Social Worker SW 7081​

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I Believe....
I believe effective counseling is the product of a partnership based on mutual respect and willingness of the client and therapist to work together. Using a variety of therapeutic methods your unique needs and strengths will be explored and supported to help create the life and self-expression that work best for you.
Counseling, it takes courage.....
Life, relationships, and making ends meet can be difficult even under the best of circumstances and we may find ourselves in situations in where our determination, knowledge and experience are not enough to create change - this is a normal part of life. When we find ourselves in these types of situations, counseling can help to provide a safe and confidential environment where individuals and families can examine their perspective and find a solution to their problems.
Often, an individual or couple begin counseling because they are in distress of some kind, such as anxiety, depression, conflicts at work or in personal relationships, trauma, or loss.  I believe the very act of coming to therapy can be important and lead to positive changes in the way a person or couple functions.  Counseling and therapy we will help you define clear and under-standable goals which you and your therapist will work towards achieving
Why seek counseling?
My Theraputic Approach
I provide strength based therapy, from a family systems approach, employing Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, and Psychodynamic techniques. I have training in Family Systems and EMDR, and have had specialized training in working with children.

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